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September 2014

Travelling the East Coast of Australia day by day

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Every backpackers are wondering if it's better to buy a car,go with a bus or even do relocation;here is my opinion:
If you want to take a bus,then take Premier Bus,it's cheaper than Greyhound and it was really good : 215 dollars Cairns to Byron Bay Hop on Hop off for 3 month.
The timetable was perfect and we never had issues with this company.
You call them to ask them to take the bus the next day and yes it's clear and easy.
Cars : hum .. I didn't want to use this way,for me it was too risky and one of my friend lost 4000 dollars as her Van broke 2 weeks after she bought it.
Relocation : if you are able to be at the point " A" at x time it's cheap and awesome; don't need to be preocupate by any insurance and usually it's 1 dollar per day.
But you have to respect the time so you will not be able to see everything as you can by bus.
The east coast take a lot of time, we spent 1 month and maybe 3000 dollars each.
We cared about prices but we did everything we wanted to.


3 july /2014 :We left our flat around 7.30 pm to head to the airport, our flight was only at 10 pm but with Tiger airways we needed to be at least 1 hour before the departure.
In the plane, what was my surprise when the women next to me almost died, she couldn’t breath so I needed to yell “ help” 4 times before someone came to help us.
Fortunately, it was almost the end of the way, 30 min before arriving in Cairns, I stayed at the back of the plane during the time that the Stewart and the nurse helped her.

We arrived at 2 AM, took a cab,went to the hostel and eat Mc Donald in the city center.


What I could notice straight away it was the animation in the street, people looked friendly and there were still few bars open even at 3 am.

Day 1 : once awake we ve been to the lagoon and enjoy the beautiful view on the mountains.


We hang out in the city, we discovered “Cairns Central” when we were looking for “ JB HIFI” , as Tom wanted to buy a camera.
In the evening, we walked on the esplanade and we had a drink in the “ Salt House”, then we had a quick visit in the Casino.
We saw a cabaret it was nice and we didn’t expect see that.

Day 2 : We wanted to go to Green island but as we were too tired so we just decided to stay in the bed lol.
Then, we’ve been to the lagoon and we took the bus to Palm Cove around 12.
Palm cove is very nice; it’s plenty of palm trees around the beach,some restaurants, where we eat a fish and chips :P btw.


Tom swim little bit but later on, we saw a billboard which said “ jellyfish and crocodile may be in this water” hum ... if we knew that before I think we never could put one feet in the sea.

On the way back, we missed the bus, we weren’t at the good place to take it lol so we arrived around 6 in Cairns, had a nice meal (pizza and chips) in “ rattle n hum”, went to PJ o Briens had a drink and went to bed.

Day 3 : departure on the boat to Great Reef Barrer at 7h30 ( Reef Experience 185 dols per person).
The way was quiet long and Tom was feeling sick.
It was a wonderful experience, we saw 2 different reefs with lot of fish, corals and I even saw a turtle.


We came back around 4,then in the evening,I saw Katelyn,we ve been to Salt house, eat kebab,played pool at PJ o Briens and went to bed.

Day 4 : lazy day , awake at 12, do some search for the east coast then around 2 we chilled at the lagoon where Kat and Dean joined me after saw a car.
They are the people who I was talking about at the top.
I rent a car for the next day to do a trip to cape tribulation.
We did a bbq where we ve met some French really nice and they explained us that they worked in a crocodile farm few weeks.

Day 5 : It was the day of a kind of “ Road Trip” , we took the car at 9h30, and at this moment I was just realized : I never drove in Australia.
So,once I pushed myself to focus to be on the left and not on the right, we took the 2 others guys in front of the hostel.
We went first to Port Douglas( 1 hour drive from Cairns), not too much things to do , beautiful beach, few shops which were expensive, then we wanted to go to Mosman cascade but we were too short in time so we ve been directly to the Daintree river.


It was really nice to be on the boat for 1 hour and see this wild croc in their natural habitat, it was quiet cheap : 24 dols with the discount from the car rent( Bruce Belchers Cruise)

We took the direction of Cap Tribulation around 4, put the car on the ferry ( 24 dols),and I drove a loonng time with a really hard road, lot of turns, the car was big and the road not very large so few times I could heard Tom push some noise lol.everybody were scary but we re still alive.

Cap tribulation … what can I say … if you go there, you must stay the night at least because it’s a really a long way to drive.
If it's just for one day trip it's quiet hard to see everything there and the first beach is not very good.


Time to go back : 3 hours… I was so tired, Tom stayed awake to help me, it was the night so harder to drive.

Day 6: the bus was at 7h30 am, it was very hard to awake as we were really tired from the night before. 2 hours later, we arrived to Mission Beach, our hostel ( Absolut Backpacker) was really cool, we saw some flags at the beach and it was for the skydiving, obviously we were in the middle.

Then, we ve been by free bus to the Rainforest, 3 km to walk and as we were scary; we just tried to go fast as we could, Tom saw a huge spider on the way ( he didn’t tell me to not make me afraid).
We finished in 1 hour but the bus will only come 2 hours after so I decided to do Hit chinking, a nice guy drop us off to our hostel and we chilled all day ( swimming pool first and then the beach).
We also eat some egg,bacon and steak during the day that we bought in Woolworth and full chicken for the night.

Day 7: we eat first the rest of egg and bacon from yesterday at the hostel, and took the bus at 9h30 to Townvilles.
We found someone to host us by Couch Surfing,as he was available from 4pm, we chilled in the park, eat our sandwiches made the night before with the chicken, it was disgusting.
Then took a coffee near the visitor center and we met a really nice French couple: Marine and Julien.
We bought some wine and then took the bus 201 to go to our host house.
The dinner was really good and healthy by the way, it was a steak with sweet potato and carrot. 2 nice dogs welcomed us, after dinner we had a chat and went to bed.

Day 8 : we awaked around 9, walked around the city , saw a wonderful water park, the water was so cold though lol, we eat a fish and chips, Tom took 4 oysters ( only 1,75 one) and we finished to the Rock Pool , which is a lagoon with saltwater.



We got lost on the way back as the city was actually quiet far from the Rock Pool, then we needed to be prepared for the 21 th Birthday of Joseph’friend.
We eat pork, potato,carrot and few other good stuff but it was freaking cold outside so we stayed around the fire to keep us warm. We ve been to bed at 2am in the sleeping bag.

Day 9 : once awake we said bye to everybody and went to Joseph place,we prepared the breakfast and then went to the city,we needed to scan the bond claim and I ve been to the doctor.
Around 5 we came back to his place and were surprised to see others French people.

Sam was our second host in Townville, he came to get us near where Joseph lived.
He was actually the superior of Joseph in the army.
We had such a great time at his place,bbq,dog,pool in the living room,everything was really clean, we drank some wine and around 11 been out.
We did a bar crowl it was pretty fun.


We catch the ferry at 11 h30, then we took the bus on the island which bring us in 15 min to our hostel: Koala Village, 5 min walk from the beach , awesome.


We eat and went to the beach to join the French couple met the day before.
Around 5 we decided to go to the Fort but unfortunately the rise of the sun was too fast and the night came up so we gave up, we saw few wild wallabies just in front of our hostel.
They run away if you are too close, and a dog appeared so we decided to leave lol.
We were walking and we met a nice guy from Toronto with his daughter.
After a chat of 30 min, we came back to our hostel and had some drinks with my friends.
As we were pretty tired we didn’t go to bed too late but what was our surprise when we saw a koala just at the bottom of a tree.
He was afraid of an opossum, he started to up to the tree so we just back few meters and he finally down of the tree.


He walked and we followed him, Tom could actually touched him so it was really a good experience, especially because it’s so rare to see a koala awake.


Dawn the weather .. cloudy ... when it’s like that forget to go to the beach.. We took the bus to try to see what’s on “ pic nic bay” but it’s only a beach.
After had a coffee, we took the bus to go back on our way and stopped to “ Geoffrey bay”.
There you can touch wallabies they are friendly as they use to be feed by human, lot of them were sick though.

We eat bruschetta in the closest cafe and been to the fort.
We only saw one koala there but it was a really nice view so it’s something that I advice to do.
Be back to the hostel and chill with our laptop, we catch the ferry at 5h30.
Our hosts for the last night in Townville were the best : best personality best house, one master bedroom with private bathroom, best everything, I was so glad to have done it, we had a great dinner, we played games, everything was perfect for us.


Last day Townville :
Once awake, we needed to go to the post office to send clothes to France .. too much in our bags.( 87 dols for 6 kilos).
One kokobarat s been really close by the door of Kelly and Adriana, maybe it was the dress of Kelly ( cherry on it lol)

I saw some beautiful black parrots on the way, Nicklass , one german guy who was also hosted by the girls bring us to the bus at 1pm.

After 4 hours in the bus, where I tried to find the best package for Whitsundays and Fraser island, we finally arrived in Airlie beach.
We booked our tour in PeterPan agency, 800 dols for 3 night in Airlie,2 night 3 days on the boat ( Samurai),3 night in Rainbow beach with 2 hours kayak with turtles, and 2 night 3 days in Fraser).

Hard to spent all this money in one time but it’s like that,this is the two most expensive activity on the East Coast but also the best.
Nomad was our hostel, the receptionist was not friendly at all, we were lucky to be just 2 in a room for 8 lol.
We just eat at a bar and went back home.

FIRST DAY IN AIRLIE BEACH : the weather ... waou , warm, sunny , feeling in Holidays, I’ve been to the agency to book a tour for Tom’Birthday : jet ski for 2 350 dols on the next Sunday.
We chilled at the lagoon , which is really beautiful, more than the one in Cairns.



We are enjoying our time here!
We did a bbq near the lagoon and then saw a woman from the couch surfing, she was really cool.

17/07/14 : 9h30 let’s go on the boat, our boat was named SAMURAI, we headed to White Heaven beach.
Everybody started to drink once arrived on the boat, we saw a whale, a dolphin and then arrived to w.h.b.


There is no word to explain how beautiful it is.
The water is so clear it looks like a swimming pool.
The toilet and shower on the boat .. haha love story.. really tiny.
I had an headache so i went to bed early.

18/07 : tom’ birthday, yep yep on the Whitsundays, it could be worth in the life isn’t it ?
We’ve done 2 different spots of snorkelling, we dived 20 min.


One girl saved my night she gave me a medicine really strong for my migraine.


Day 3 on the boat : the morning was really cold,we jumped in 2 suits and we swam with turtles it was really awesome even if the water was really cold.
Tom hold it haha poor thing!

We had egg and bacon breaky on the boat and then took the way back for Airlie beach.
It was really windy and the boat was at 45 degree in the water.
We arrived at 1 pm ,I saw Kat near 4 h30 had a jug of cider for 9 box, I played hockey on table with tom and I lost 6-7 dawn it, so I paid the dinner ...
We saw Kat at the bar just for one drink we were so tired.


20/07: last day in Airlie beach and also the day of Jet ski.


It was really really good, I definitely enjoyed it even if Tom scary me few times as he drove as a motor bike.
I drive better than him I was so proud of myself !
We’ve been to Dream Island, touch rey and sharks it was really cool.


Our bus was at 5 h30 and we came back at 4 h30, I saw Kat by pure hazard before leaving.


21/07 : after 14 hours in the bus ,we were really tired so we just chilled in the hostel till 4, we had a briefing for Fraser which was so boring ...
We cook salmon pasta for the night and then went to sleep.

22/07 to 25/07 : FRASER ISLAND


Fraser is cool, it’s a giant sand island where you use a 4x4 to move there.
Our guide, Moosa was fun especially the first day because we were in his ca,he made a lot of jokes and put some funny musics.

We’ve been to the Lac Mc Kenzi, creek and saw beautiful views.

We did parties the 2 night there with everybody and we had a good time.
I don’t know if the price is correct though.. between 300 and 400 dols, you sleep in a tent, cook the food that the company gave us but it was not enough for everybody,we needed to be careful of the quantities etc.
It’s nice and I will never changed it, but it was not the best experience in my life.

26/07 : Noosa , a nice city,with a nice beach, one night is enough there

27/07: Brisbane : waou , OMG I finally find my Australian City.
For my point of view, there is everything inside: nice people, nice weather, lot of things to do,good nightlife.
So we decided to find an apartment and stay here.


After staid few days in Brisbane,we found a nice room with own bathroom in the heart of the CBD, only 320 dollars a week all inclusive.
But, this room was available only for the week after this is the reason why we decided to finish our East Coast Trip : Surfer and Byron.



It's cool there,you can play as kid,partying as a crasy person and chill at the beach.
It's like a little Monaco.
We played at TimeZone : Chair Massage for 2 dollars,Bump Cars, 3/4 d, lazer games etc for only 20 or 25 dollars each.



You can find a nice Market there, where you will find plenty of accessories,T shirt and we even hold a baby croc :P


If you like party there is Club Crowl in Hostel and then you can go in different club with a group.
There,we've met 2 Canadian Girl from Virginia and we had a tour in Nimbin together (in Byron ).




Byron is the perfect town to chill out.
Not much to do except meet people and relax.
Tom surfed there, and 2 weeks later someone died by a shark .. hum .. lol


We have met 2 girls from Paris in our room, italians guys but also 2 canadian from Montreal.
BTW, I saw the Canadian guy in Brisbane 2 weeks later.

Nimbin is the town where the drug is kind of legal in Australia but to be honest,when you see the seller they just look dodgy and you want to walk away.
Then Nimbin burnt few weeks after , the museum and the Rainbow Cafe are not exist anymore



What a big trip for us :) I will have all this memories in my mind till the end of my life :)
If you don't have too much time,what I can advice to you is to do:

Cairns in 2/3 days
Magnetic Island in 1 day trip
White Heaven Beach( one day trip)
Fraser: 2 days is enough
Brisbane: 2/3 days
Surfer: one day
Byron: 1 day

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